We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the distributor/agent for the following products.

We are the Distributor for the following products: -       



Thyristor Power Controller  



Full Range of Automation Products



S5, S7 Series

PLC Components







Burner & Process


Compact and Modular PLC,

Frequency Inverters, Servo Motors,

Human Machine Interface


Quality Power Supply




And the dealer for the following products:

Pressure Gauges, Transmitter and Thermocouple.

Analytical Instrumentation for Water Quality Monitoring and Industrial Process Control

Process Instrumentation for Flow, Pressure, Level, Temperature,Humidity, Rotation, Conductivity, Analysis, etc.

Level & Flow Sensors.

Level, Flowmeter and Total Instruments.

Analytical Measurement, Pressure Instruments, Thermostats, Dial Thermometers and Timers, Temperature and Humidity.

Complete Industrial Valve: BioTech Valve, Butterfly Valve, Diaphragm Valve, etc.

Ultrasonic Level Sensor.

Signal Conditional, Converter, Transmetter, Transducer and PC Recorder.

Controller, Indicator and meter for Flow, Pressure, Level and Temperature.

Transducers and Signal Transducers, Controllers, Amplifiers.

Analog Process Control, Signal Conditioning

Factory Automation Devices/Instruments:




Switch Board Component: Fuse, Fuse Holder, Busbar, etc.


Photoelectric Sensors.


High-Tech Sensor Product, Inductive*Opto*Laser*Ultrasonic


Proximity Sensors: Inductive / Capacitive.


Electro-magnetic Clutches/Brakes


Variable Speed Drivers Soft Starters/Control Component.




Frequency Inverter,

Soft Starter &

Process Instrumentation




Industrial Proximity Sensors


Contactor, T.O.R., MCB, PLC, etc.


Distribution & Control Product.


Switchboard Component & Electrical Accessories


Electrical Power, MCCB, ACB.


Proximity Switches


Variety of Sensor.


Measuring Instrument


Selector Switches, Illuminated Pushbuttons, Pilot Lights.


Power Devices, Sensors, Operator, Interfaces


Low Voltage Switch Gear


Automation Component Devices & Contactor.


Proximity, Inductive, Capacitive, Magnetic, Field, Optoelectronic & Ultrasonic Switches.


Measuring Instrument.


Variety of Sensors.


Semi-conductive Fuse.


Semi-conductive Fuse.


Isolator Switches & Selector Switches


Variety of Sensors.


Variable Frequency Inverter.


Pneumatic and Hydraulic Components