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We deal in Electrical, Automation, Instruments, Home Automation Products, services for Siemens, Allen Bradley, ABB Prodcuts, PLC, Design of Electrical Design Documents, Level, Flow, Pressure & temprature Measurements, Control Valves, CCTV Camers, Office Networking & all kind of Automation in Pakistan. 

Pressure gauges

Pressure Sensors

Pressure Transmitters

Pneumatic valves

Flow measurements & control valve positioners

Level Measurements

Control Panel Relays

Low Voltage Breakers, Tube lights, Energy Savers bulbs

Instrument Control Cables

CCTV Camera, computers, Printers, Monitors & all related all related office use accessories

Digital Video Recording System

LAN Based Networking

PLC Logic Development

Configuration of Transmitters through HART Communicator

Design Calculation for Electrical Networks

Proximity Switches

Limit Switches



Flow & temperature switches, smoke detectors, RTD & thermocouples

Tachometers & all kind of electrical panel accessories